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About Our Company

Syl Shipping is a well known shipping company based in Hong Kong. Our business covers all major ports around the world.

In recent years, our company has exploded China’s domestic market, providing logistic management and transportation services. In the future, with our expert knowledge on logistic management, we will provide the best method for different logistic tasks to our customers.

Service Commitment

Customer Come First, has always be Syl Shipping first priority. Up to date, in order to achieve this commitment every staff in out company has to treat it as a challenge.

Our service commitment is not only to serve the customer needs, we want to provide service that is over our customer expectation. We will educate our self continuously. In order to keep our service promise, we will develop different high quality technique with reliable globe logistic network. This will guarantee our customer to have the highest satisfaction on each delivery that sy handle.

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